Note: As of August 31, 2008, The Addressing Tobacco in Healthcare National Program Office has closed.
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What's New?

The 2008 Addressing Tobacco in Healthcare Think Tank Summary is now available. Click here to view.


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Who We Are:

The Addressing Tobacco in Healthcare Research Network (ATHC), supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, connects researchers, health care providers and other partners interested in developing and implementing changes to healthcare systems that will improve the delivery of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment. The Research Network’s goals are to:

  • Facilitate information-sharing and collaboration among tobacco control researchers and their health care partners who are interested in systems change research, as well as those who are working to implement systems changes;
  • Provide research technical assistance for grant preparation and dissemination of research findings; and
  • Disseminate cutting-edge resources and tools to foster systems change research.

This new network builds on the experience, lessons and results of RWJF’s Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care program, which began in 1997.  To learn more about Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care, click here.

To view a staff list, (917) 227-5866.




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Commonly Used Acronyms
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
Addressing Tobacco in Healthcare (ATHC)
Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care (ATMC)